Food and Drink 

Our food and drink is all locally sourced. This is important to us as we wish to stay simple, keep healthy, support local producers and also get the best produce in

 Breakfasts are nutritious home like meals with a bunch of freshness. Milk, vegetables, fruits, herbs are locally brought in from different farms around
the neighbourhood
 Our Detox - Vegetable and Fruit Smoothie, Turmeric and Ginger Elixir Tea and Jams
are a must!
 Dinner is always home style, cooked fresh, and with love. Do place your order in
 The Kitchette in the homestay is equipped with basic cookware and an induction cooker. Lunches are quite easy to make yourself, plus it will help you put your cooking skills to the test

Packing List 

- Comfortable T Shirts and shorts 

- Hiking pants, track pants, light cargo's

- Thermal inner wear (check season)

- Light sweaters for hikes

- Jackets  

- Warm Pajamas

- Walking shoes 

- Slippers/ warm slippers 

- Mufflers and shawls 

- Books and games  

- Toiletries 

- Binoculars 

- Snacks 

- Drinks (Spirits and Mixers)

Otherwise - Kaka's shop is 05 minutes away and has some basics as well as some interesting finds from your childhood. 


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