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The Art of Doing Nothing 

The Art of Doing Nothing 

The art of doing nothing has been our family’s trait for generations now. It is all about doing nothing in order to declutter and stimulate your mind and senses. We encourage this art of nothingness, to just completely halt the complexities of life and enjoy the simple joys, in an environ that is elementary and fresh.

We chose the location for the physical Santila so that our guests could reach their spiritual one and hope that each and every one of you who visit us learns this art, and that Santila contributes to your consequent happiness, health and success. We’ve seen some of the best innovations dreamt up here, big business plans formulated and changes in life that have been made. Sorry, we can’t name names.

You too can do nothing by just doing nothing at all. It’s best not to plan your days when your here. Let them just flow.  Hikes are very much a part of the art of doing nothing, as wandering about connects you to nature and there is something about this that is not only exhilarating but also touches your heart at some level. 


Hikes - we have numerous trails to trek around with various levels; some being easy, others difficult. You can embark on full-day hikes or just short walks to vantage points that have brilliant views. A lovely 30 minute climb from Santila takes you to 'Santila's High Point' - a lovely spot in the midst of the countryside with a birds eye view of the setting around and to embrace a glorious sunset. An hour-long hike above Santila brings you to the main town of Kasauli. An hour-long hike all the way down takes you to the village stream. 

If you do feel the need to do more  – 


  • Villages - Samol and Ganol are the nearest villages. It’s great to walk by the villages and have a chat with the people there. Kaka's shop and Ganol's village shop are in the vicinity, and you may end up finding some farm fresh ghee, tomatoes, cucumber, berries, turmeric and dal to take back home. You can even spend an entire day out at a farm with a family, maybe help in the plantations and bring back from fresh vegetables to cook for dinner. 

  • Flora and Fauna - There is a wide variety of Himalayan bird species including the jungle fowl, the western spotted dove, blue whistling thrush, chesnut bellied nuthatch, red billed blue magpie and others. Pretty often one can hear the barking deer in the pine forest above and occasional talk from the villagers of the elusive Indian Leopard. 


  • Picnic spots - there are some idyllic picnic spots around Santila. We shall share directions to our undisclosed spots. You can engage our cook's family to help execute your picnic 


  • Kasauli Bazaar and Old Town Market - is about a 25 minute drive away. Transport can be organised. Some of the old legends still exist. Marmalades and Himalayan wines from Gupta brothers, steaming hot momos and clothes from the Tibetan market, Bun samosas at Tanu's, Ham, bacon and salami at Daily needs, Solan No 1 at the the old wine shop, a chilled beer at Alasia and lovely bamboo pots and wooden lamps at Dinesh's old carpentry shop.

  • Ganol English School - the only English medium school in the area. It provides free education to the village children. If you wish to support the local village children, we can connect you as we work with the school also.  The Khuswant Singh Literary Festival also cares for the school during its annual literary fest

  • If you do fancy to learn to cook or bake, then you'll find your go-to person at Santila.